Ten principles of injection mold design and parting


1. Consideration of clamping force

The lateral clamping force of the mold is relatively small, so for large products with large projected areas, the direction with the larger projected area should be placed in the opening and closing directions of the front and rear molds, while the side projected area with the smaller projected area should be regarded as lateral. Type.

2. Meet product demoulding requirements

The parting surface is for the smooth removal of the product from the mold. Therefore, it is a basic principle that the location of the parting surface should be selected in a location with a larger cross-sectional size.

3. Parting surface shape

For general products, the parting surface perpendicular to the mold opening direction of the injection molding machine is usually used, and parting surfaces of other shapes are only used under special circumstances. The shape of the parting surface is based on the principle of convenient processing and demoulding. For curved products, the parting must be based on the curvature of the bend.

4. Ensure product appearance and quality

The parting surface should not be selected on the smooth outer surface of the product. The appearance surface is not allowed to have lines such as pinch lines that affect the appearance; for some products with concentricity requirements, all parts with concentricity requirements must be placed on the same side to ensure their concentricity.

5. Determination of direction

When determining the direction of the product in the mold, the parting surface should be selected to prevent the product from forming side holes or side buckles as much as possible, and avoid using complex mold structures.

6. Conducive to demoulding

Generally, the demoulding mechanism of the mold is in the movable mold, so when selecting the parting surface, try to keep the product in the movable mold after the mold is opened. Therefore, for some places that may be stuck to the fixed mold, we often add an auxiliary demoulding mechanism to the fixed mold.

7. Consider the lateral mold opening distance

Generally, the distance for lateral mechanical mold opening is relatively small. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the opening and closing direction of the front and rear molds should be the direction with the longer core pulling distance, and the shorter direction should be regarded as lateral parting.

8. Mold parts are easy to process

When selecting the parting surface, the mold should be divided into parts that are easy to process to reduce the difficulty of processing.

9. Conducive to exhaust

When the parting surface is used as the main exhaust, the parting surface should be designed at the end of the plastic flow to facilitate exhaust.

10. R type

For many products with mold design parting, the parting surface has a full circle of R angles. At this time, the parting must consider the parting with good R and no sharp edges.

Post time: Jan-23-2024