About Us

Sunwin Mould-Top Chinese Plastic Injection
Molding Manufacturer & Supplier

Taizhou Huangyan Sunwin Mould Co., Ltd. is located Huangyan, Zhejiang Province and called the city of plastics and mold. We have more than 2000 square metres covers and 60 prodessional mould manufacturers, we have professional equipments, high speed CNC, EDM, WEDM, Carving, driller, Grinder, Conventional Milling CNC Machining Center. We have many high technical engineers to design mould, Using CATIA, AutoCAD design software, at the beginning of mould design, we use of Moldflow software to analysis first, optimize the structure of mould and gate type. Our superiority is not only producing precision mould, but supplying rapid high-efficient technique support and equipping with the relevant to give the best solutions for our customer.

What We Do

Our main products are kinds of bumpers, high-gloss grilles, dashboards, door panels, large two-color, low-pressure in-mold, high-gloss mold, household appliances plastic mold and daily necessities. For manufacturing high precision molds, a solid professional team of product design and development allows us to build up our brand, as well as serve for international customers, success for Russia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Britain, Canada, Slovakia design and make molds. The company follows flow chart of the quantity system and Achieving products to proceed the operation, which guarantees the molds being completed on time with high quality, we will use advanced technolo-gy and meticulouscrafts manship to complete every customer's request and maximize customer value.

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