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  • Plastic Spoon Mould

    Plastic Spoon Mould

    Sunwinmold produced good quality spoon mould, stacking spoon mould, disposable spoon mould and so on. Sunwin designs and develops product according the requirements of customers. we control mould quality and date of delivery. We could manufacture cold runner mold and hot runner mold, and 16 cavities to 48 cavities according the specifications of the product and injection molding machine.

    Sunwin Mould is China professional cutlery moulds manufacturer.

    Thanks for visiting Sunwin Mould — fork mould, plastic fork mould.

  • Plastic Fork Mould

    Plastic Fork Mould

    Foldable cutlery allows the consumption of yogurt, ice cream, jelly, salad, noodles, porridge and other foods on the go. Dessert PP foldable spoon can be used for sweet, foldable dessert spoon is very practical. And the most important is the folding design, the spoon can be placed in the lunch box, that doesn’t account for space, so foldable spoon will not only convenient for you but also give you a safe food experience.

    As a skilled plastic injection mould company, Sunwin shows you the process of making foldable cutlery mould, folding spork mould and foldable fork mould.

  • Plastic Dog House Mould

    Plastic Dog House Mould

    Hot Sale Household Top Quality Pet House Injection Mould/ Dog Cat Cage Injection Mould/ Pet Transport Cage Mould Equipment FAQ Q: Do you make molds for many plastic pets mould? A: Yes, we make Pet House Injection Mould/ Dog Cat Cage Injection Mould/ Pet Transport Cage Mould Q: Do you have injection molding machines to produce parts? A: Yes, we have our own injection workshop, so we can produce and assemble ...
  • Plastic Chair Mould

    Plastic Chair Mould

    Plastic Injection Chair Mold for Outdoors Chair mould, plastic Mold, mould, mold, plastic chair mould, plastic chair mold.injection mould/mold. chair. china mold maker. Plastic chair mold maker from China for outdoor chairs

    Chair mould/mold material: PP

    Chair mould/mold cavity: 1 cavity

    Plastic mould/mold material: P20, 718

    Chair mould/mold life: 800k shots

    Runner system: Hot runner

    Injection system: Gas ejector

    Plastic chair mould/mold features: Good quality

    Injection cycle time: 60 seconds

    Tooling time: 55 days

  • Plastic Basket Box Mould/Mold

    Plastic Basket Box Mould/Mold

    Product Name: Plastic Basket box Mould/Mold

    Daily Used Molds/Moulding/molding.used moulds.cheap molds,new ready moulds.

    New Customzied high quality Plastic Storage Box Mold, Food container mould, used molds, second hand mould, second hand moulds for different sizes of the food containers, Second Hand Molds.

    Detail description of Plastic Storage box Mould/Mold.

    Mold material: PP, PE or as per customer requirement.

    Mold cavity: 1cavity

    Mold size: Depends on your design.

    Mold material: H13, 718, P20 45#…

    Mold life: 200k shots

    Mold Runner system: Cold runner or hor runner

    Mold features: Good quality

    Injection cycle time: 60seconds

    Tooling time: 30days