Automotive Low Pressure Injection Mould

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Automotive Low Pressure Injection Mould


The warp-knitted fabric can be stretched without deformation and sharp edges and corners.

First, the characteristics of warp knitted fabric injection molding

1. The warp knitted fabric layer is a hot-melt composite process. Due to the compression of the mold and the extrusion of the molten plastic; the longitudinal and lateral extension of the fabric will be different. The most prominent problems are: seepage, breakdown and damage.

2. Flowability of plastics: Plastics flow slowly in the fabric than on smooth mold cavities, so materials with a higher melt index are required.

3. Mold structure: Low-pressure injection molds need to use needle valve gates to control the amount of each gate. It is necessary to design fabric frames or multiple pressure blocks to press the fabric. It is necessary to design fabric needles, air suction cups or air gripping fixed fabrics.

Second, the characteristics of PVC skin injection

1. PVC skin because the surface is a layer of PVC plastic, the skin is more extensible, molten plastic is not easy to penetrate.

2. The biggest difference between the structure of the mold and the warp knitted fabric injection is the design of the cavity exhaust.

Third, low-pressure injection molding

Conventional injection molding, sequential injection molding, co-injection molding, respiratory injection molding.

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Q: Do you make molds for many automtive parts?
A: Yes, we make molds for many auto parts, such as front auto door and rear auto door; auto door with speaker mesh and auto door w/o speaker meshetc

Q: Do you have injection molding machines to produce parts?
A: Yes, we have our own injection workshop, so we can produce and assemble according to customer requirements.

Question: What kind of mold do you make?
A: We mainly manufacture injection molds, but we can also manufacture compression molds (for UF or SMC materials) and die casting molds.

Q: How long does it take to make a mold?
A: Depending on the product size and the complexity of the parts, it is slightly different. Generally speaking, a medium-sized mold can complete T1 within 25-30 days.

Q: Can we know the mold schedule without visiting your factory?
A: According to the contract, we will send you the mold production plan. During the production process, we will update you with weekly reports and related pictures. Therefore, you can clearly understand the mold schedule.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality?
A: We will appoint a project manager to track your molds, and he will be responsible for each process. In addition, we have QC for each process, and we will also have a CMM and online inspection system to ensure that all components are within tolerance.

Q: Do you support OEM?
A: Yes, we can produce through technical drawings or samples.

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